The Top 10 Best Selling Disc Golf Fairway Drivers for 2024!

To become a great disc golfer, one of the most important concepts is learning how to control your discs. Whether you’re throwing putters, mids, fairway/control drivers, or distance discs.

But to become an elite and highly-skilled disc golfer, you have to learn how to throw FAR, with a high level of control. That being said, you have to master your fairway and control drivers. Doing so will give you the control AND distance you’ve always dreamed of.

So, use this post to help you with your search for awesome control and fairway drivers. This post features 10 of the absolute best-selling control and fairway drivers in disc golf…so it’s sure to help you find the disc that you both want and need. Alright, let’s go!

The Top 10 Best-Selling Disc Golf Fairway Drivers!

1. Innova Teebird

Best selling disc golf fairway drivers

The Teebird is a classic disc golf disc and one of the most popular discs in the world. Why? That’s easy – it’s an insanely reliable and highly controllable driver. It’s fairly easy to throw, with a small, predictable fade on the end of flight. Extremely fun fairway driver to throw.

Grab yours here on

2. Axiom Crave

Best disc golf control drivers for beginners

Craving another disc? Look no further than the Axiom Crave – an easy-to-throw, highly-controllable, seriously straight-flying fairway driver. With flight ratings of 6, 5, -1, 1, I’ve recently started looking at this disc as another great option for newer players. Normally I won’t recommend drivers at first, but the Innova Leopard, Latitude 64 River, and the Axiom Crave are easy for almost any players to throw. So this is a great driver to start out with if you’re new.

Grab yours here on InfiniteDiscs com.

3. Infinite Discs Dynasty

best selling disc golf fairway driver

The Dynasty is a really cool control driver from the Infinite Discs lineup. Not all too too hard to throw, at 9, 5, -1, 2, but I wouldn’t recommend it for brand new players. If you’ve got a little bit of arm strength, you’ll love this disc. Because, as Infinite states, it’s “the epitome of control and versatility in the disc golf world!”

Get one here on their site!

4. Latitude 64 River

Best disc golf fairway control drivers

I’m a huge fan of the River. Not only is it an extremely unique and fun disc, but also a ridiculously straight-flying disc as well. So along with its 7 speed and 7 glide rating, this disc is one of the best fairway drivers for new players looking to start throwing drivers.

If that’s you, grab a River here on

5. Innova Leopard3

best selling disc golf fairway driver

I’m a big fan of the OG Leopard. So when I picked up the Leopard3, I found it to be more awesome than the original. At this point in my disc golf career, I can throw a disc pretty hard. So if I’m not careful, it’s easy to turn a disc over a little too far. The Leopard3 allows me to have all the control of the original Leopard but with the need to throw it just a bit harder. With that being said, the disc doesn’t turn over quite as much for me.

If you’d like to try out the Leopard, grab one here on

6. Thought Space Athletics Mantra

best selling disc golf fairway driver

Thought Space Athletics has come out with some great discs in the last few years. And their stamp designs? Freakin’ amazing. As for the Mantra, it’s one of their best-selling control drivers for a reason – not overly challenging, offers great turn, and complete control over your disc.

Grab one here on

7. Dynamic Discs Escape

If you haven’t read by now, I’m a huge fan of Dynamic Discs. And my feelings for the Escape aren’t any different. As one of Dynamic’s best-selling control drivers, it’s a controllable, consistent choice for your drives and longer throws. This one’s easy. Highly recommend the Escape.

Grab yours here on

8. Discraft Anax

Best disc golf discs 2022

The Anax, pronounced “Onyx,” is a super fun control driver. After Paul McBeth’s successful Discraft disc line launch, people wondered whether the Anax was gonna’ perform just as well as the first few discs. Oh yeah, it performed. So well, in fact, that this power driver became one of Discraft’s best-selling discs. It’s fast, overstable, challenging, and definitely not for new players. But if you’ve got some power on your throw, this power driver can easily become one of your favorite drivers.

If you think you can handle it, grab an Anax here on

9. Latitude 64 Diamond

Best disc golf control drivers for beginners

The Latitude 64 Diamond is one of the absolute best-selling fairway drivers in the game today. Besides being just an overall awesome driver, it’s almost one of my top choices for newer players behind the Innova Leopard, Latitude 64 River, and Axiom Crave. If you’re new, this disc, and any of the other three, are perfect for you.

Grab yours here on

10. Infinite Discs Centurion

best selling disc golf fairway driver

Over the last couple of years, Infinite Discs has continued to crush it with their disc lineup. The Centurion is just one of many great discs they offer now.

Infinite states that the Centurion offers exceptional workability, is great for all skill levels, stands out as a straight-flying, precision driver, maintains desired lines, offers precise placement, has subtle fade, and provides throwers with proof that it can be their go-to disc for both control and reliability.

Also, great starter driver for new players, just behind the other 4 discs mentioned above.

Grab yours here on their site.


If you really want to be an elite disc golfer, or even just a decent player, you’ve got to play with the right discs. And when it comes to control and fairway drivers, you’ve got a lot of great options to choose from. This list shows just a few of those options. You need an awesome and reliable control driver, so grab one off this list or in any of the posts below.

Thanks for reading, disc golfers!

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