37 Best Disc Golf Accessories to Fuel Your Fun on (and off) the Course

Disc golf is just plain awesome. Being out on the course, crushing drives and bangin’ in putts, is something that I look forward to almost every weekend. And that experience is made even better by the countless accessories that we can buy to improve our time on the course. In this post, I’m going to go over 37 of the absolute best disc golf accessories to make disc golf awesome for you. Alright, I won’t keep you. Let’s get to that list.

The 37 best disc golf accessories to fuel your fun on the course

1. Friction disc golf gloves

best disc golf accessories

I’m a huge fan of Frictions. I’ve already written an epic review post on them that you can read here: “Friction Gloves Review: Why I’ll Never Play Without Them Again.”

These gloves are a huge part of my game now and I highly recommend them. Grab a pair here on Amazon.com.

2. Dynamic Discs Golden Retriever 

best disc golf accessoriesUnless you just don’t play courses with water holes, you need a disc retriever. This bad boy can get just about any disc out of the water. I would definitely recommend this piece of awesomeness to the serious disc golfer. Grab one here on Amazon.

3. Disc golf cart

Disc golf carts are all the rage of pro disc golfers. They’re fantastic sidekicks that offer space for gear, comfort on the course, and some even have seats! Grab yours below ⬇️:

One fantastic option is Dynamic Disc’s Backpack Cart LG. Grab one here on Amazon.com

Another great option is the Zuca Backpack Cart. Check that out here on Amazon.com.

If you don’t like either of those options, or if they’re both sold out, check out more of Amazon’s selection of disc golf carts here on their site.

4. Disc Golf Rangefinder

best disc golf accessoriesRangefinders are all the rage on this disc golf course these days. And as professional disc golf becomes more mainstream and more financially competitive, I have no doubt that pros will use anything that’s legal in tournaments to gain a competitive advantage. The rangefinder is something ball golf pros have used for years to get a solid distance measurement of distance to the pin. Now disc golf pros are using this to help them on the disc golf course. They’re pricey, though, so be prepared to drop around $100-150 or more for one. Grab yours here on Amazon.

best disc golf accessories

If you wanted one that was a little less expensive, just check out Amazon’s Rangefinder pager here for more options.

5. Grip bag/birdie bag/chalk bag

best disc golf accessoriesGrip bags, otherwise known as birdie bags or chalk bags, are a cool little accessory to have with you on the course. They can help with sweaty palms in the heat or rainy rounds where you might just need a little bit of grip to throw.

You can get a birdie bag here on Amazon.

6. Innova Galactic mini marker or other mini marker

best disc golf accessoriesHaving a mini marker is a fun way to not only mark your discs, but show off more of your style on the disc golf course. I absolutely love the Innova Galactic mini marker I bought.

Get your mini marker here on Amazon.

You can also get other mini markers here on Discgolfunited.com.

7. Disc golf towel

best disc golf accessoriesA towel can be a great addition to your disc golf bag when it comes to rain, sweat, mud, or other slick situations. Check out our list of the 7 best disc golf towels here on the site.

For one of the best microfiber towels out, check out the Greens Towel here on Amazon (or click on the picture).

8. Dude Wipes

best disc golf accessoriesDude Wipes are a pretty cool way to keep yourself clean when you’ve got to do your business on the disc golf course. Hopefully you can make it to a portajon, but if that Chipotle hits you on the 14th hole, and you’re a mile away from a toilet, the woods may be your only option. Grab your ass a pack of these manly wet wipes here on Amazon.

9. Portable music speaker

best disc golf accessoriesWe all know the dude that carries his portable music speaker at full blast on the disc golf course. Haha. Even though it’s fairly annoying most of the time, we still love that guy. So if you want to be that guy, or you just need some tunes while you play, grab a portable music speaker here on Amazon.

10. Wireless headphones

best disc golf accessoriesIf you don’t want to be THAT GUY (you know, the one we just talked about in the last section), grab a pair of wireless earbuds for your rounds here on Amazon.

11. UDisc App

best disc golf accessoriesThe UDisc App for your smartphone is FREE and AWESOME. There are so many features to help you keep score, find out how far you threw your last drive, and much more. There’s also a Pro version that allows you to do a lot more. And if you’re already a PDGA member, you get UDisc Pro for free!

Check out UDisc.com for more info.

12. Smart watch

best disc golf accessoriesA smart watch on the course isn’t a necessity, but is a cool accessory to accompany you during your rounds. It not only tracks your fitness, but is also compatible with the UDisc App!

Grab a Galaxy Watch Active 2 for your Android here on Amazon.

Grab an Apple Watch Series 8 with sport band for your IPhone here on Amazon.

13. Ript Revenge course card game

best disc golf accessoriesThis game is pretty dang cool. Brought to you by KNA Games and Innova, RIPT Revenge is a cool new way to enhance your rounds on the course with friends.

Here’s how to play according to InfiniteDiscs.com: “When playing a round with Ript, three cards are dealt to each player in the party. At the end of each hole, CTP and hole winners draw another card from the deck to carry with them. Throughout the game there are opportunities to play cards you are carrying with you to enhance the play of the game. The cards vary from free mulligans to a card that forces one of your opponents to making their next putt with their off hand. No two games of Ript are ever the same.”

Grab this card game here on Amazon.com.

14. MVP 6.5 inch micro basket

best disc golf accessoriesThis cool little 6.5 inch micro basket from MVP is perfect for taking your fun with you off the course. You can use bottle caps as tiny discs and fill your office or home with even more disc golf!

Here’s what MVP has to say about their micro basket: “When you need disc golf in your life every waking moment — it’s the Black Hole Micro! With a height of 6.5 and width of 3.5 inches, the 0.8 lb. Micro is a perfect basket for coins and bottle caps. Its construction is high quality like its full-size Black Hole family, and its 1/8″ welded wire and 12 chains are great for this micro-scale application. The Black Hole Micro is the perfect way to grow the sport as a conversation piece at work — it is functionally and cosmetically excellent, and micro enough to take anywhere!”

Grab one here on Amazon.

Here’s a quick video of the basket ⬇️:

15. Disc golf license plate frame

best disc golf accessoriesWant to accessorize that sweet, tricked out ford focus? Looking to spice up your Toyota Corolla so that every ride to the course feels like you’re playing a round? Well then, grab a disc golf license plate frame to match the 73 disc golf stickers on your back window. You can get one on Amazon.

Grab an “I’d rather be playing disc golf” license plate frame here on Amazon.

Grab an “Eat sleep disc golf” license plate frame here on Amazon.

16. MVP flat LED Tri-lite disc golf lights for night golf

best disc golf accessoriesA great way to play more disc golf is to get a round or two in at night. These LED lights I found on Amazon are awesome and can tape right onto the bottom of your disc.

17. Nite Ize flashlight discs

best disc golf accessoriesThis disc golf set for night disc golf is awesome. Period. Grab one here on Infinitediscs.com.

18. Grip 6 belt

best disc golf accessoriesGrip 6 belts are phenomenal. If you’ve never worn one of these, you’ve gotta get yourself one. Check them out here on Amazon. I found myself wearing mine on almost every occasion on and off the course.

19. Disc golf hat

If you don’t have a disc golf hat, grab one here on Amazon.com.

20. Disc golf beanie

Grab a beanie (link to Amazon.com), too, for some disc golf in cold weather.

21. Disc golf socks

best disc golf accessoriesWhile you’re at it, get some socks! Grab these crazy looking socks here on Amazon.

22. Innova Disc golf keychain

best disc golf accessoriesThis awesome Innova basket keychain doubles as a bottle opener for your brewskies. Grab yours here on Amazon.

You can also get one here on Discgolfunited.com.

23. Disc golf koozie

best disc golf accessoriesFor your drinks off the course, grab a koozie here on Amazon.com.

24. Reusable water bottle

best disc golf accessoriesHaving a good reusable water bottle can help you save money on water bottles, stay friendly to the environment by using a reusable bottle, and help you carry more water. Most of the reusable bottles I have can carry about 2-2 1/2 water bottles full of water and that’s pretty good for me on the course. I’ll chug one down before I play, drink my bottle through the round, then drink another once I get done. You can find a bottle that you like here on Amazon.

25. Water bladder

best disc golf accessoriesWater bladders are really awesome and can be a good substitute to carrying around water bottles on the course. They’re usually pretty durable and can usually fit in most big bags. They also have water bladders like the Camelback that you can wear like a backpack. You can find a water bladder that you like here on Amazon.

26. I’d hit that disc golf t-shirt

best disc golf accessoriesFor the more promiscuous disc golfer…this shirt on Amazon pretty much spells out victory.

27. May the course be with you disc golf t-shirt

best disc golf accessoriesI love this shirt. How clever. Grab yours here on Amazon.

28. Stupid tree disc golf t-shirt

best disc golf accessoriesNothing but another great shirt for the disc golf course. Grab one here on Amazon.

29. Infinite Discs Neck Gaiter

best disc golf accessoriesA neck gaiter is the perfect accessory for your play with friends during the Covid pandemic. And even if you don’t need this as a mask, it can still be a great option for battling the wind during those cold winter months. Grab one here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

30. Infinite Discs Mystery Swag

best disc golf accessoriesYou never know what you’re gonna get with the Infinite Discs Mystery Swag pack. All I know is that it’s not a bad way to spend about $8-10 bucks. Grab some swag here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

31. The Propull System

best disc golf accessoriesThe Propull Resistance Band Disc Trainer is a really cool way to work on your technique from almost anywhere. Grab one here on Amazon and start improving today!

32. Practice net

best disc golf accessoriesA practice net can be yet another awesome way to have some fun and improve your game off the course. Grab the one I have here on Amazon (or get the one you want!).

33. Practice basket

best disc golf accessoriesOne other great way to fuel your fun off the course is by getting a personal practice basket. You can practice, casually pass the time, or play putting games with friends at your house! Check out my list of the 17 best personal practice baskets here on the site.

34. Dynamic Discs cooler bag

A really great option to have in warmer weather is a disc golf cooler bag. This is a decent sized disc golf bag that holds discs, gear, and drinks with a built in cooler. Check out my list of the best cooler bags here on the site.

35. A fully assembled go bag

best disc golf accessoriesNow this is really a multiple item acquisition but it first involves getting a small disc golf bag for quick rounds. With that, I highly recommend the Infinite Discs Slinger Bag. This quick bag holds about 10-12 total discs as well as a water bottle, a couple of snacks, and a small selection of gear for the course. This bag is PERFECT for quick rounds. Grab it here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

Once you do that, check out my post, “How to Build the Ultimate Disc Golf Bag,” and pick a few items from that list or from this list to put in it for your quick rounds.

I should have a post coming soon on how to build a disc golf quick bag for quick rounds on the course. Once it’s published, you can check it out here.

36. A practice bag

best disc golf accessoriesPractice bags are a new trend in the world of disc golf, as the sport continues to rapidly grow in popularity and professionalism. Competitive players usually buy a practice bag, or a bag that can hold upwards of 30+ discs, for the purpose of field work practice. Practice bags are IN so grab one of these if you want to improve your game.

Grab a Dynamic Discs practice bag here on Amazon.

Or you can get a Prodigy V2 practice bag here on InfiniteDiscs.com.

37. The Disc Golf Player’s Manual eBook

Lastly, I wanted to add in a shameless plug of the ebook I wrote. But I put this in as #37 because I feel as though it could really help you out as a new player on the course. This 200 page ebook for beginner disc golfers has everything from what starter discs to pick out to how to read flight ratings to how to build your bag out to a ton of other great tips and tricks to improve your game. If you buy this book as a new player, your game will improve tenfold in just a short period of time. Grab a copy here.

Look for other cool accessories?

There are two places that I go to buy disc golf accessories.

The first is InfiniteDiscs.com. They always have a unique selection in stock that you can check out here on their site.

The second is Amazon.com. You already know that you can get anything and everything from Amazon, but alot of disc golf brands sell their gear and you can find it here.

Buying a gift?

If you’re buying a gift for a disc golfer, and you’re unsure about what to get, you could try getting them a gift card. The two options below allow your gift receiver to get exactly what they want. That’s a good route, too!

For Infinitediscs.com, you can get an e-gift card here on their site.

For Amazon, you can get a gift card here.

So all in all

You don’t have to have anything but discs and yourself to have a lot of fun out on the course. But the gear, gadgets, and accessories in this post will only help you have that much more fun on the course. So have some fun and get to throwin’!

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