The 11 Best Fairway/Control Drivers for Hyzer Flips: My #1 Pick is…

The Hyzer Flip. It’s one of the most popular throws in all of disc golf and it has the potential to truly be a score changing shot if you use it in your game properly.

Since you’ve Googled “best fairway/control drivers for hyzer flips” and found this post, you’ve probably already learned how to throw the Hyzer Flip. So I won’t bore you too much with what a Hyzer Flip is or how to throw a Hyzer Flip. You already know what it is and how to throw it. You just need the distance driver recommendations below. So I gotchu.

However, if you did want to read more about the Hyzer Flip, what exactly it is, how to throw it, and more, check out my post, “How to Throw a Hyzer Flip in 3 Easy Steps: The Complete Guide.”

11 best fairway/control drivers for hyzer flips

My #1 Pick – Westside Discs Underworld

2. Innova Valkyrie

3. Infinite Discs Sphinx

4. Latitude 64 Diamond

5. Innova Leopard

6. Discmania Essence

7. Legacy Patriot

8. Streamline drift

9. Innova Sidewinder

10. Axiom Insanity

11. Latitude 64 Saint

Remember: 2 things you need in a good hyzer flip disc

As a reminder, here are the two things you need in a good Hyzer Flip disc.

  • Understability: Having an understable disc is the key for throwing and perfecting the Hyzer Flip. To start, you’re looking for a disc with about a -2 or a -3 turn rating. The more turn, the quicker it will flip over. Also, the slower the disc, the less turn you need to make the Hyzer Flip happen. You’ll see that some of my Hyzer Flip mid-range recommendations only have a -1 turn rating, but that’s okay because they don’t need to be thrown very hard to perform. You also want a disc with minimal fade on the backend – no more than a 2 fade rating. The point of the Hyzer Flip is to hyzer the disc and have it flip up to flat for a long, straight flight. A little fade on the end is almost impossible but we want to limit it as much as possible.
  • Glide: glide isn’t the most important thing in the world for Hyzer Flips but I do recommend having a high glide rating if you’re looking for a good Hyzer Flip disc. You want your disc to be somewhere between 4 and 6.

Okay, enough of that stuff. Let’s check out all of the discs! Here’s my list of the 11 best Hyzer Flip discs.

11 best fairway/control drivers for hyzer flips

My #1 Pick – Westside Discs Underworld (7, 6, -3, 1) best disc golf disc for beginners

The Underworld is an amazing fairway/control driver and Hyzer Flip disc. Okay, let’s be honest…the Underworld is hands down the best control driver for Hyzer Flips. It doesn’t take much power to get up to speed, has the ability to really glide, it will turn over fairly easily, and won’t give much fade on the backend. In my eyes, it’s one of the best discs for Hyzer Flips. That’s why it’s my #1 control driver for these throws. It’s just effortless. Grab an Underworld here on

2. Innova Valkyrie (9, 4, -2, 2) Best control drivers for hyzer flips

The Valkryie is another very highly recommend Hyzer Flip disc in the #discgolfcommunity. I’ve always liked throwing the Valkyrie. It’s a really steady, reliable control driver, brilliant for first time throwers of drivers. The Valk is fairly flippy, too, if you can crank up the speed on your throw. And the fade will hit you on the end but isn’t too much to handle. Great starter Hyzer Flip disc. Grab one here on

3. Infinite Discs Sphinx (9, 6, -3, 1) Best disc golf control drivers for beginners

The Sphinx is a really awesome, fairly understable control driver from Infinite Discs. This disc was built very well and has the ability to tackle Hyzer Flips with ease. It glides REALLY well but needs some power behind it. If you can handle the speed, grab a Sphinx on their site here.

4. Latitude 64 Diamond (8, 6, -3, 1) Best disc golf control drivers for beginners

The Diamond is a highly reviewed and highly sought after control driver that could be your perfect Hyzer Flip control driver. I mean, Latitude 64 made the Diamond absolutely perfect for Hyzer Flips. Yes, they were designing the perfect beginner control driver. Did they accomplish that? Uh, pretty close. Plus, it has the ability to Hyzer Flip like nobody’s business. Grab a Diamond here on

5. Innova Leopard (6, 5, -2, 1) Best disc golf control drivers

I’ve been in love with the Leopard ever since I first started throwing it a few years ago. My love for it grew even more when I realized what a great Hyzer Flip disc this was AND how it got easier to complete those Hyzer Flips as my disc got beat in a little bit. If you’re looking to start throwing Hyzer Flips with drivers, this is the perfect disc to start with. Grab a Leopard here on

6. Discmania Essence (8, 6, -2, 1) Best control drivers for hyzer flips

Discmania’s brand is growing. And they’ve really knocked it out of the park with the Essence. As they move away from their traditional three letter discs, they haven’t moved away from awesome discs. The Essence is just that: awesome. It doesn’t have as much turn on it as you’d like in a Hyzer Flip disc, but it’s solid and will easily Flip over if you throw it hard enough. Grab yourself one here on

7. Legacy Patriot (7, 5, -2, 1) best disc golf disc for beginners

The Patiot is a very steady and controllable fairway driver. Whether you’re new to disc golf and learning how to throw drivers or you’re perfecting Hyzer Flips, this disc can help you accomplish a lot on the course. It’s a real jack of all trades that you can get here on

8. Streamline drift (7, 5, -2, 1) Best control drivers for hyzer flips

If Streamline came to me and asked, “if you could name this anything else in the world, what would it be?” My answer would be: laser. Because this disc just wants to fly straight. It has a small amount of turn and fade but generally will always give you a decently straight flight. The weird thing is that the turn kicks in more on the Hyzer Flip, at least from what I’ve seen with the Drift. Nice disc, though, from Streamline and MVP Disc Sports. Grab one here on

9. Innova Sidewinder (9, 5, -3, 1) Best control drivers for hyzer flips

Here’s what says about the Sidewinder: “The Sidewinder’s name says it all – this disc turns over faster than you expect on release, often times making for either an unintended rolling throw, or a flight with a much slower than anticipated rollover [like a Hyzer Flip!]. The Sidewinder is essential for getting you out of uncomfortable positions.” Grab one here on

10. Axiom Insanity (9, 5, -2, 1.5) Best control drivers for hyzer flips

As I’ve said in the past, I’ve never been a huge fan of Axiom…other than the Axiom Envy. But I’ve always heard good things and other players love Axiom’s discs. So I always feel obligated to put highly reviewed discs from the Axiom lineup in my top discs lists. The Insanity boasts decent flight ratings and looks to be more than capable of becoming your go-to control driver and/or Hyzer Flip disc. Either way, you probably won’t go wrong with it. Grab one here on

11. Latitude 64 Saint (9, 7, -2, 2) Build disc golf bag

The Saint is an epic control driver. It doesn’t have as much turn as I’d like, but it flips fine and flies really straight. That’s all I need for a Hyzer Flip disc. Grab one here on

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