How to Quickly Improve Your Disc Golf Putting: 3 Simple Tips!

Imagine this – you step up to the teepad and crush a beautiful, 450-foot drive. The basket is within sight, on a par-5! Your second shot is an almost perfect approach. You’re within the circle for an eagle putt. But then disaster strikes.

Your putting is so poor that don’t just miss your first shot, but your second as well, ending with another par to add to those other pars and bogeys. All because you haven’t bothered to practice your putting enough. Your confidence level sinks, your putting gets worse, and you don’t ever think you’ll be able to putt well again. Eventually, you stop playing altogether.

That sucks. So don’t let it happen.

Today, we’re gonna’ take a look at a couple putting tips to help you seriously improve your disc golf putting game. These tips are super easy to implement and will have a huge impact on your putting skills over the next few months.

Alright, let’s get to it!

3 Simple Tips to Quickly Improve Your Disc Golf Putting Game!

1. Find a disc you like (and buy 10)

The first thing you can do to improve your disc golf putting game is to find a disc that you really like – a disc that looks good and putts even better. For me, that’s the Dynamic Discs Judge. I absolutely love that disc. I’ve kept a Judge in my bag the entire time I’ve played disc golf and it’s never let me down.

So, how it putts is super important, but so is how it feels in your hand. I love the Judge for this reason as well. If the disc flies well, but you hate how it feels, find a new disc. For me, that was the Innova Aviar. I’m not hating on the Aviar, because it’s a great disc, but I just don’t like how it feels. So I don’t throw one anymore. If you don’t like your disc, keep looking until you find the perfect disc for you.

Besides the Judge, which you can get here on, there are a lot of other great options for putting. Here are 3 others:

Axiom Envy

Best disc golf discs

The Axiom Envy is a fantastic putter with a cool backstory. A few years ago, at the 2021 Disc Golf World Championship, James Conrad made the Envy infamous when he stepped up and sunk what is now referred to as, “the Holy Shot.” That amazing anhyzer shot helped him tie Paul McBeth, forcing a playoff that James ended up winning for his first ever World Championship title. I grabbed one after seeing that amazing shot and have never looked back. Grab one here on

Infinite Discs Tomb

best disc golf putters 2024

Infinite Discs’ foray into their own lineup of disc golf discs has produced some great plastic up to this point. My favorite thus far has been the Infinite Discs Tomb, an interesting putter that putts and throws extremely well. Great overall disc. Grab yours here on

Viking Discs Rune

best disc golf putters for beginners 2021

I was given the Rune to test and review, along with some other Euro discs and Viking Discs. I ended up loving most of them including the Rune. It’s a well-balanced and versatile disc that putts well and flies ridiculously straight when thrown. I Highly encourage people try out all brands of discs, even smaller brands and European brands, because you never know which discs you’ll come to love! Grab a Rune here on

If you’d like to check out a great list of awesome putters, check out this post – The Top 5 Best Disc Golf Putters!

Now that you’ve found the disc you like the most, buy 10 of them to practice with.

Once you find that disc and get 10 more to practice with, you’ll be well on your way to elite putting skills. You’ll become an expert with that disc and discs similar to it. Why 10? Well, why not? Also, it just helps to have a few extra to practice with instead of putting, grabbing your disc, putting, grabbing your disc, etc. That’s very inefficient. I don’t have time for that. You don’t either.

Having 10 of the same disc allows for more productive and efficient practice, helping you to putt faster because you have a whole stack of putters ready to go.

2. Buy a personal practice basket

One of the absolute best putting tips in all of disc golf is to buy a personal practice basket, an inexpensive, yet extremely productive way to improve your short game.

Buying a personal practice basket can be an extremely practical one-time purchase, offering you years of putting practice as long as you keep it inside or covered outside. It will last you awhile, so that’s money well spent.

And the cost? Most baskets will run you less than $200, usually anywhere between $100 and $200 bucks, with an average, quality basket running about $150 bucks.

As for the what kind of basket to buy, you can choose a portable metal basket or a portable fold-up basket. Either is fine as long as you actually practice with it. Both have pros and cons, but if you can swing it, get one of both.

Why is this a great putting tip? Because you can use your basket at home! This not only helps you practice more, but for longer periods of time due to not having to travel anywhere! You can practice whenever you want, on your own time, without having to hit the course at all!

For a complete list of the best disc golf baskets, check out this post – The 17 Best Disc Golf Baskets!

Putting is insanely important to your overall disc golf game, so grab a basket and get to work!

3. Putt an hour a day every day

The idea is simple: in order to become elite in your putting game, you have to practice an hour a day every day.

Once you’ve found your disc, and forked over the cash for a practice basket, it’s time to 10X your putting game. What I mean by 10X is not just improving your putting skills, but seriously improving them tenfold. So much so that others regard you as the best putter they’ve ever seen.

So how do you 10X your putting? Once you have the right disc and have a personal practice basket, it’s time to start developing a routine to help you practice an hour a day every day. Once you do that, a solid putting practice routine can completely change your putting skills forever.

Write out a daily routine for your practice and commit an hour a day to that putting practice.

Here’s an example of a weekly putting routine:

  • Monday – Start at 5 feet. Hit 10 in a row. Do that out to 30 feet. Continue out every 5 feet for an hour.
  • Tuesday – 1000 putts (or more to hit the hour mark)
  • Wednesday – Perfect Putt 360
  • Thursday – Your choice from my post – The 11 Best Disc Golf Putting Drills and Games!
  • Friday – 1000 putts (or more to hit the hour mark)
  • Saturday – Full round with extra putting practice before and after
  • Sunday – Putting technique practice from my post – 7 Simple Steps to Perfect Disc Golf Putting Technique! – work on technique and putting practice for a full hour!

That should give you a general idea. From the example above, use that for your putting practice or make your own daily routine. If you do that, and consistently practice for an hour a day, you’ll be a putting expert in no time!

So will you become elite in your putting game?

That’s up to you. Ask yourself this simple question how good do you want to be in your putting game?

If you just want to be a decent player, commit to regular practice and weekly rounds. With patience and practice, you’ll get there. But if you want to become an elite putting expert and the best disc golfer you can be, you’ll have to REALLY commit.

You need to find the right putter that works for you (in feel and flight), then buy 10 of those to practice with. Next, buy a nice personal practice basket and commit to practicing your putting for an hour a day every day using a solid daily putting routine. Discipline, consistency, and patience are all key here. If you do all of those things above, there’s no limit to how good you’ll be in your putting game.

Thanks for reading, disc golfers!

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