The Top 10 Best-Selling Overstable Disc Golf Drivers for 2024!

Did you know that the #1 weapon for advanced disc golfers is the overstable driver? Yep, if that’s you, don’t take them for granted. Because overstable drivers can provide you the opportunity to get max distance on your throws, if you’ve got the arm.

If you’re a newer player, I might shy away from the overstable discs, and really drivers in general. But if you’re an intermediate or advanced disc golfer, overstable discs, especially control and distance drivers, can be one of the best ways to improve your distance game.

So, if you want more distance and more control, you need some overstable drivers. Let’s take a look at 10 of the best-selling overstable disc golf drivers in the game right now. Here we go!

The Top 10 Best-Selling Overstable Drivers!

1. Innova Destroyer

Best disc golf distance drivers 2021

If you’re looking for the best overstable driver, look no further than the Destroyer. This classic disc has been a fan favorite for almost two decades and has helped thousands of players in their quest for more distance. The Destroyer is fairly overstable, with a small amount of turn in the beginning of your throw and a nice, predictable fade at the end of flight.

Grab a Destroyer here on

2. Infinite Discs Emperor

Highest rated disc golf discs

I’m not a huge fan of overstable discs just yet, but the Emperor is slowly starting to become one of my favorite discs to throw. Why? Well, it’s essentially a Destroyer with an Infinite Discs stamp on it. The only difference is that it may have just a bit less fade at 2.5 instead of 3, which is why I like it better than the Destroyer. It may not be much, but to me, it makes a difference.

As for overstability, just like the destroyer, there’s a small amount of turn and a decent amount of fade on the end. If you give this disc some power, though, it will fly fairly straight until that small break left at the end.

Get an Emperor here on

3. Innova Firebird

Best disc golf discs for thumbers tomahawks overhand throws

The Firebird is an interesting control driver. It’s very overstable at 0 turn and 4 fade, but it only has 9 speed. So intermediate-level players and those with weaker arms will find this driver challenging but not too overwhelming. It’s meaty, so no matter what, you’re getting a pretty sharp fade on the back end until you can really sling it. But again, not too tough for those with good technique and decent power.

If you want to try out the Firebird, get one here on

4. Discraft Force

highest rated disc golf discs

The Force is one of Discraft’s best overstable drivers. If you like the destroyer or the Emperor, but want something even more overstable, you’ll want to pick up a Force. It has 0 turn, so the disc won’t flip over on you at all after you throw it. At the end of flight, you’ll get a casual, subtle break to the left similar to most Destroyer-like discs out there today.

If you want more overstable, this disc is a “Force” to be reckoned with. Grab one here on

5. Infinite Discs Slab

Best selling overstable disc golf drivers

The Slab is another very overstable disc golf driver. With little glide (3), very little turn (0), and a lot of fade (4), this disc is for powerful throwers that want a reliable fade.

Here’s what Infinite Discs has to say about it: “This versatile disc excels in various scenarios, from executing spike hyzer throws and powerful forehands to battling the wind and serving as a utility disc for navigating tight fades around obstacles. Watch the Slab slice dependably through the air under any conditions…”

So if you want overstable dependability, grab a Slab here on their site.

6. Dynamic Discs Felon

Best selling overstable disc golf drivers

As you may know already, I’m a huge fan of Dynamic Discs. So I was pumped when I found a Felon at one of my local courses. The owner didn’t want it back, so I tried it out and really liked how it flew. Again, I’m not a huge fan of overstable discs just yet, and this disc was beat in, so it didn’t fade as hard as it probably would’ve brand new. But it broke enough at the end to let me know that this disc, brand-new, is very overstable.

Overall, the Felon is a challenging yet fun disc. I’m glad I finally got the opportunity to try one out. I probably won’t keep it in my bag for every round, but it will definitely be used in the future.

If you can handle the fade, grab a Felon here on

7. Infinite Discs Scepter

Best overstable control fairway drivers

Not just another great overstable driver, but another awesome disc from the Infinite Discs lineup. Another very overstable driver with excellent control and a dependable yet dramatic fade at the end of flight. Great overstable disc overall.

Get one here on

8. Finish Line Discs Daytona

Best selling overstable disc golf drivers

The Daytona is a little bit newer than the first few discs on this list. But I like hyping up newer brands, especially when they come out swinging and start bringing in rave reviews. Finish Line Discs was founded in 2021 by disc golf pro Drew Gibson with the goal of providing disc golfers of all skill levels high-quality plastic at an affordable price.

As for the Daytona, it’s a fairly overstable distance disc that can hold up well in headwinds, maintain a stable flight path, and be your go-to driver for flex shots. Finish line states that the Daytona, “represents the pinnacle of overstable distance drivers, offering unwavering consistency and a comfortable grip.”

If that’s what you want, grab a Daytona here on

9. MVP Resistor

Best selling overstable disc golf drivers

The Resistor is a really interesting and unique overstable driver. It’s very overstable, with turn of 0 and a fade of 3.5, but it’s only a 6.5 speed driver. That means it doesn’t have to be thrown near as hard as most other overstable discs. And most players liken this disc to almost an overstable mid-range, with less speed and less overall distance. Nonetheless, it’s a fun, one-of-a-kind disc that most intermediate players on up will enjoy.

Grab a Resistor here on

10. Axiom Fireball

Best selling overstable disc golf drivers

Last but not least is the Axiom Fireball – an overstable control driver disguised as a distance driver. Fantastic disc overall that offers distance, control, reliability, and a decent, predictable fade. Axiom describes this disc as “a beat in MVP Motion or more overstable Tesla,” while Infinite Discs states that “this [disc] is a great flick and headwind disc.”

If that’s what you’re looking for, grab one here on


If you want to be an elite player, or at least a decent disc golfer, you have to learn how to throw overstable drivers. It’s a must. If you don’t, your distance game will always suffer. So learn proper technique, build up your skills from putters to distance drivers, and then slowly work your way into more and more overstable discs.

Eventually, you’ll be an awesome player, unafraid of any disc standing in your way. Once you get there, use this list, and some of the resources below, to build your bag up with the best drivers in the game.

Thanks for reading, disc golfers!

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