The 50 Highest-Rated Disc Golf Discs [2024 Edition]!

Today, there are thousands of disc golf discs in all shapes, sizes, plastics, weights, and every other dimension you can think of. So that might make it difficult when picking out your next few discs. There are just SO MANY choices to choose from.

And almost all the disc companies these days – even the smaller ones – are making super high-quality plastic. That can make the decision even harder.

I’d argue, though, that it’s easier than ever to find new discs. Between the advanced disc search here on Infinite Discs, reviews on every disc website, and your personal preferences, I doubt you’ll ever have any real issues. Just think about what kind of discs you like to throw and go from there.

If you don’t feel like searching for new discs, and need some great recommendations instead, you’ve found the right post. In it, I’ve got 50 of the highest-rated disc golf discs of all-time.

Let’s check ‘em out!

The 50 Highest-Rated Disc Golf Discs!

Disc Golf’s #1 Pick – Discraft Buzzz

Best disc golf mid range discs

The Buzzz is, hands down, one of the best disc golf discs ever made. I don’t think anyone really questions that anymore. Just an absolute beast of a mid-range, great for any skill level of player, and highly versatile. This disc will fly exactly how you need it to fly.

If you’d like to try it out, grab one here on

2. Innova Mako3

Best disc golf mid range discs

The Mako3 is an amazingly straight mid-range. Funny how the top 2 highest-rated discs in disc golf happen to be super-straight, high-versatile and fun mid-range discs. Not suprising, though. These are awesome discs that deserve every bit of the praise.

Grab yourself a Mako3 here on

3. Innova Teebird

best disc golf discs

The Teebird is a really fun, highly-dependable control driver that offers superior control and a subtle, dependable fade on the end of flight.

Grab yourself a Teebird here on

4. Axiom Envy

Best disc golf discs 2022

I’ve been a huge fan of the Envy ever since James Conrad’s “holy shot.” Check that out below. But the Envy is an outstanding putter that’s sure to help you improve both your putting and your short drive game.

If you’d like to try out the Envy, get it here on

5. Innova Destroyer

Best disc golf distance drivers 2021

The Destroyer is probably the best distance driver ever made. Similar to the Buzzz in that it’s just an incredibly well-made disc that was really ahead of its time. Since inception in 2007, it’s enjoyed almost a two-decade-long run of supremacy amongst other distance drivers. Just an incredible disc that players love.

To try out the Destroyer, get one here on

6. Discraft Zone

Best disc golf discs 2022

The Discraft Zone is super underrated, yet stays an extremely reliable option for your putting game. A LOT of players like the Zone, but it doesn’t quite get the hype that other discs do. However, it’s one of your best options for putting and is perfect for fighting approaches with strong headwinds.

If that’s what you need, grab a Zone here on

7. Innova Wraith


If the Destroyer hadn’t dominated the distance driver game for years, the Wraith would most likely be #1. If the Destroyer is 1A, the Wraith is 1B. Amazing distance driver with outstanding distance potential.

Get yourself a Wraith here on

8. Infinite Discs Tomb

best disc golf putters 2024

The Tomb is amazing. Ever since Infinite came out with their own lineup, and I’ve been able to throw it, I’ve loved the Tomb. It’s great for putting, throwing, approaching, or almost anything else you’re using it for (maybe minus the distance driving). But it’s very versatile and reliable, making this an all-star disc for Infinite Discs.

If you’d like to try it out, grab one here on their site.

9. Dynamic Discs Felon

Best disc golf discs for thumbers tomahawks overhand throws

The Felon is freakishly fun. I actually had the pleasure of finding one recently, which I tried to return, but the owner said to keep it. So I tried it a couple times and just might’ve found a new disc to keep in my bag! The Felon is very overstable, but amazingly controllable with a very meaty fade on the end.

If you’re looking for control and overstability, this disc is what you need. Get one here on

10. Infinite Discs Sphinx

best understable disc golf discs for beginners

The Sphinx is another disc that I use quite often these days. When I originally got my set of discs from the Infinite lineup, the Sphinx was a disc that I never really considered as a staple disc in my bag. But after throwing it a handful of times, I learned to love the turn that it provided! I mean, this thing TURNS if you sling it.

If you’re looking for control and understability, or just a fun control disc for beginners, grab a Sphinx here on

11. Latitude 64 River

Best disc golf fairway control drivers

The River is one of my favorite control drivers. With a speed of 7, glide of 7, and turn/fade of -1, 1, this disc is super fun to throw, flies super straight, and just stays in the air (high glide helps just about everyone). So along with the Sphinx above, this disc is another great control driver for beginners. Actually one of the best along with the Innova Leopard.

If that’s what you want, grab one here on

12. Infinite Discs Emperor

Highest rated disc golf discs

The Emperor is Infinite’s try at imitating the Innova Destroyer. And seeing as Innova produces Infinite’s lineup, this disc is VERY similar and flies just as well. Almost a clone of that disc, but just a tiny bit less fade. Almost not enough to notice. But nonetheless, a great disc if you don’t want a Destroyer.

Grab one here on

13. Innova Pig

Best overstable disc golf putters

The Pig is a very overstable putter, kind of reminding me of a Zone, but with much less glide. Great disc for putting and fighting headwinds on your approach shots.

Grab yours here on

14. Latitude 64 Explorer

Highest rated disc golf discs

The Latitude 64 Explorer is a really nice control driver. It doesn’t need a lot of speed and isn’t too overstable, so this is a newer to intermediate-level control driver, designed to be a workhorse driver for a few different skill levels on the course. Cool disc.

Grab one here on

15. Innova Firebird

Best disc golf discs for thumbers tomahawks overhand throws

The Firebird, like the Teebird and the Thunderbird, is a great disc golf disc. This control driver is highly overstable and VERY HIGHLY-RATED by disc golfers who are skilled enough to actually use this disc correctly. I mean, this is a very tough disc to throw. It requires quite a bit of speed behind the throw and it has A LOT of fade. So if you don’t control it, it will break hard left (for rhbh).

If you think you can handle it, grab a Firebird here on

16. Kastaplast Berg

Best disc golf discs 2024

The Berg hasn’t been around for as long as some of the other classic discs on this list, but in its almost 10 year run, it has developed a cult following and become Kastaplast’s flagship mold. This disc is a really interesting take on putting, with flight ratings of 1, 1, 0, 2, and will almost always fly true for you toward the basket. Plus, when it sits down, it stays down, and this helps to not have your putter flying and skipping long distances past the basket.

If you want a really fun putter, try out the Berg here on

17. Innova Teebird3

best disc golf control/fairway drivers 2021

Now the Teebird3 runs a bit faster than the original Teebird, also with less glide, so Innova markets this disc as the more precise and accurate disc. Honestly, it’s hard to really tell the difference between most of the original and “3” versions of the Innova discs for me. But if you want faster and more control, this would be the disc. Less speed but a bit less control? Go for the Teebird.

Grab a Teebird3 here on

18. Dynamic Discs Warden

Best dynamic discs disc golf discs

If you didn’t already know, I’m a huge Dynamic Discs fan. But I’m not a fan of the Warden being more highly-rated than my favorite disc, the Judge. Eh, well, I prefer the Judge, but it seems others like the Warden. Still a great disc and well-deserving of some praise.

Grab a Warden here on

19. Infinite Discs Pharaoh

The best disc golf discs

The Pharaoh is one of my favorite distance drivers right now. Infinite released it a few years back and I got one fairly soon after launch, but I just didn’t use it much. That’s not the case these days. Now, I use it almost every round. It’s simply a well-designed and well-made disc. It helps that Infinite has Innova make their molds, but still, it’s a great disc overall.

Grab yours here on

20. Innova Roc

Best disc golf discs for intermediate players

The Roc is an iconic disc. One of the most popular discs in the world and a truly fun and challenging disc to play with. That’s it. If you want an amazing disc, get this one and try it out.

Grab yours here on

21. Infinite Discs Anubis

Highest rated disc golf discs

The Anubis is a super-fun mid-range from Infinite Discs. And if I would compare it to any disc, it would probably be the Buzzz. Even through the Buzzz is -1, 1 turn and fade, it’s an incredibly straight-flying disc. Well, the Anubis flies even straighter. Hard to imagine but it’s true.

Grab one here on

22. Discmania FD

best disc golf disc for beginners

The FD is an insanely popular disc from Discmania. This fairway driver – hence the name FD – is really fun to throw. With only 7 speed and a small amount of fade, this disc is highly controllable and fairly easy to throw for most players. Kind of similar to the Lat 64 River, but with a touch less glide and a touch more fade. Great overall disc, though.

Grab an FD here on

23. Westside Discs Harp

Best disc golf discs for wind

The Harp is a great disc. I’ve had one ever since I started playing disc golf and it’s always flown well for me. Fairly overstable, but not a disc that’s too tough to throw for most people. Beginners might want to steer clear, but again, not a disc that’s too tough…especially for short approaches and putting.

Grab one here on

24. Discraft Undertaker

Best disc golf control drivers

The Undertaker is a freakin’ great disc golf disc. It’s a fairly easy control driver to throw, boasts an insane amount of control, and is great for both backhands and forehands.

Get one here on

25. Dynamic Discs EMac Truth

Best overstable midrange

I’m actually surprised that I didn’t put the EMac Truth higher on this list. Regardless, it’s a really great mid-range that was designed to offer more stability than the original Truth. Intermediate players and up will love this disc, because it offers versatility and reliability in your mid game.

Grab an EMac Truth here on

26. Innova Thunderbird

Highest rated disc golf discs

The Thunderbird is a super fun, slightly overstable, and very consistent control driver for intermediate players on up. Most disc golfers shouldn’t have trouble with this disc, but I don’t recommend it for brand new players.

Grab yourself one here on

27. Gateway Wizard

Best disc golf discs

The Wizard is one of the most underrated discs in all of disc golf. But if you’ve never played with one, you’re seriously missing out in your putting game.

Grab one here on

28. Dynamic Discs Judge

The best disc golf discs

The Judge is one of my all-time favorite disc golf discs. Absolutely fantastic putter that loves to hug the chains on every single putt. HIGHLY recommend this disc.

Grab one for yourself here on

29. Innova Tern

Best disc golf discs

Yet another great driver from Innova. The Tern is fairly understable, and will turn quite a bit after it’s thrown…hence the name it was given. Still probably not for brand new players but a great disc to work your way up into once you start playing with control drivers.

Grab yours here on

30. Dynamic Discs Escape

The Escape is a really great disc. At 9, 5, -1, 2, it’s fairly easy to throw, offers a bit of turn, and a predictable ending fade that doesn’t mess with your shot too much. Overall great control driver.

Get one here on

31. Innova Leopard3

highest rated disc golf discs

If you like the Leopard, but want something faster, the Leopard3 is for you.

Grab one here on

32. Discraft Luna

Best disc golf putters for beginners

Paul McBeth’s signature putter. Of course it’s a great disc. Perfect for putting or short drives (or if you’re Paul McBeth, long drives of 300-400 feet).

Get yours here on

33. Innova Shryke

Best stable distance drivers

Similar to the Tern, the Shryke is an understable, fairly easy-to-throw distance driver from Innova that has -2 turn and 2 fade. A little more speed, but you get the idea. Not a disc for beginners, but not really all that challenging of a distance driver for intermediate players on up.

Grab one here on

34. Innova Sidewinder

Best control drivers for hyzer flips

The Sidewinder is Innova’s control driver version of the infamous Katana (#50 on this list). It’s got a high degree of turn and a good deal of fade in the back end causing this disc to twist and turn like a sidewinder!

If you’d like to try it out, grab one for yourself here on

35. Discraft Force

highest rated disc golf discs

This disc is a “force” to be reckoned with. Okay, I’m sorry, but this is a great disc. Overstable distance driver at its finest.

Grab one here on

36. Innova Roc3

Best disc golf discs

Another classic Innova driver. Built to handle more speed and still maintain the superior control of a classic Roc. And also my personal preference when picking between the Roc and the Roc3.

Grab yours here on

37. Innova Valkyrie

Best control drivers for hyzer flips

I love the Valk. Well-built Innova driver – like most of the others Innova has launched – that’s perfect for newer players to work up into the tougher distance drivers. Even though its speed might indicate that this is a control driver, IT IS A DISTANCE DRIVER. Don’t let the flight ratings fool you. This disc once held the world distance record of 820 feet for nearly 10 years!

Grab yours here on

38. Dynamic Discs Trespass

highest rated disc golf discs

The Trespass is another great disc from Dynamic. Fast and overstable, yet isn’t all that hard to throw in my opinion. Similar to the Innova Destroyer, but I like this disc way better.

Get one here on

39. Innova Nova

Best disc golf discs

What can I say about the Nova that it already hasn’t said for itself? Great disc, awesome putter, and STRAIGHT as an arrow. Probably Innova’s straightest disc.

Grab yours here on

40. Innova Boss

Highest rated disc golf discs

The Boss has a track record that speaks for itself. Another great driver from Innova that is made for distance.

Get one here on

41. Latitude 64 Saint

Build disc golf bag

The Saint is a really awesome control driver. Doesn’t require a lot of speed, boasts a lot of glide (which is a staple of Latitude 64 discs), and is a fairly straight-flying disc with only a small bit of fade. Overall, great disc.

Grab a Saint here on

42. Innova Leopard

what do the numbers mean on a disc golf disc?

Big fan of the Leopard. One of the best discs for new players and one of the few drivers I’d recommend to brand new players.

Get one here on

43. Discraft Heat

Best understable control fairway drivers

You can really bring the “heat” with this disc. Okay, my puns are bad, but meant to get my point across. The Heat is fantastic for players looking to get serious with drivers, with this disc offering both a high level of control and a good deal of distance. Plus, it’s fairly easy to throw due to its understability.

If that’s what you want, grab one here on

44. Latitude 64 Pure

Best hyzer flip discs

A super great putter and insanely straight-flying disc. Great for all players, especially those brand new to disc golf.

Grab yourself one here on

45. Innova Aviar

best disc golf disc for beginners

You probably already know about the Aviar. It’s one of the most popular putters in the world and a really awesome disc overall. I’ve never personally been a fan of them, but a ton of players love this disc.

Grab an Aviar here on

46. Discraft Nuke

The Nuke is a fantastic distance driver, but it’s very hard to throw. Don’t even try to throw this until you’re a very good intermediate disc golfer or better. Because it will fade out hard if you don’t have the arm.

If you can handle it, grab one here on

47. Innova Beast

Best disc golf discs

Pretty cool disc. The only disc I’ve ever lost was a Beast, but when I found another, I’ve played with that one ever since.

You can get a Beast here on

48. Innova Mamba

Best understable distance drivers

The Mamba is a crazy disc. Super understable, with -5 turn, and perfect for turnover shots or roller shots.

Get one here on

49. Discraft Avenger SS

Best distance drivers for hyzer flips

More understable than the original Avenger, but not any less fun. Great control driver with a lot of accuracy and versatility. I don’t personally throw one, but some of my friends have this disc and they seem to love it.

Get an Avenger SS here on

50. Innova Katana

Build disc golf bag

Last but not least. The Katana is a crazy disc and yet another awesome distance driver produced by Innova. I’ll admit that I played with this disc way too early in my disc golf career, which means I could not control it AT ALL. But once I improved, I learned that this disc was wild, yet perfect for some really fun shots out on the course.

Grab a Katana here on


Finding a great disc doesn’t have to be difficult. There are thousands to choose from, but as you can see, there are a lot of great high-rated options for you. Player-tested plastic, reviewed, and ready to be bagged. This list should have exactly what you need.

If you’re still looking for more great options, check out the posts in our related content section below ⬇️.

Thanks for reading, disc golfers!

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